Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Complaint Filed Against Rogue APD Officer

Today I filed a formal complaint with the City of Albuquerque's Police Oversight Commission against APD Officer Mark Dietz. This is the second complaint I've filed against him. The first was for wrongful detention and violation of civil rights stemming from a "contempt of cop" citation issued me for Vehicle Trespassing on February 6, 2009 that made the front page of the Albuquerque Journal newspaper on February 16. That complaint against him is still active. Follow this link for additional details: APD Cites Volunteer for Contempt of Cop. This latest complaint stems from a stalking/harassment issue perpetrated by Officer Dietz this past Friday, May 15, 2009. Officer Dietz purposely and willfully sought me out with the obvious intention of intimidating/harassing me. An article about this incident was published May 15 on this blog (Incident #3 Officer Dietz and I Meet Again).

It is obvious that the City of Albuquerque tolerates rogue cops and given the numerous reported allegations of improprieties and wrongdoings about our Mayor (Mayor for Life, Hugo "Marty" Chavez) its no surprise. Read more about the The Almighty Alcalde here: Eye on Albuquerque.

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  1. I think I saw you on the TV when you presented to the oversight board, it was last Sunday I think.
    Consider getting your OWN tape recorder to give your version of the incident from start to finish.
    Hope there's no more problems between you and the APD. From my experience, cops write out their contacts with the public, which can be requested from APD records I believe. Just like you can get a copy of a trafic accident or arrest report, you just have to have the date. Costs 4-6 bucks. Find out why the officer was there from these?