Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why, APD, Why?

Why APD, Why? On February 6th I was minding my own business when one of your officer's came along, saw my parked car, made a decision that it was illegally parked, got on a bullhorn calling out to me a quarter mile away to return to my car. When I arrived I was told I couldn't park my car at that location to which I replied, "Bullshit". The cop pointed at a sign 50 feet away that said: No Vehicles Beyond This Point, as evidence of my illegal parking. Since I was parked 50 feet in FRONT of the sign, I told the cop he was wrong to which he responded I was getting cited: Vehicle Trespassing on Open Space, a criminal misdemeanor. Fortunately I had a camera to capture the situation but didn't need it to beat the citation. The law requires an "Open Space" sign to be posted (there wasn't), nor was I parked on Open Space land anyway as the boundary (based on survey stakes) lined up with sign mentioned above which was 50 feet away. Pissed-off the Mayor, the APD and the cop that I got away with a "contempt of cop" charge. Or so I thought. I filed a complaint with city Police Oversight Commission against the cop which is still active. Then who do you think shows up on May 15th at the Open Space, yep the cop I filed the complaint against (although I didn't know it until later). This time he comes to stalk and observe, moving his vehicle three different times, getting closer with each move and TRESPASSING on adjacent private land in the process. I captured all of this on film. After waiting about 40 minutes I went to get a closeup of the vehicle ID number, that's when the cop steps out to stop me. Seeing "the cop" shocked me but I got off two shots with my camera before retreating. Then on Monday I spotted a cop vehicle parked across the street from my house and yes, took pictures. How can a city where the crime rate is above the national average (Crime Statistics) have cops running around harassing an old retired soldier who volunteers in City Open Space picking up garbage, pulling tumbleweeds, maintaining trails and a host of other issues, and oh yeah, putting up with rogue cops, one of whom is unable to understand the word, "beyond", and that one is a supervisor. Go figure.
Why, APD, Why? Why, Mr Mayor, Why?

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  1. APD is full of corruption the city seems so desperate to hire a larger police force that they will accept anyone. The days of the friendly beat cop are over. This is why crime is so high in this city because cops are too busy fulfilling vendettas against innocent citizens for simply proving them wrong.