Friday, May 15, 2009

Incident # 3 Officer Dietz and I Meet Again

Officer Dietz is a supervisory cop who issued me a criminal citation in February. You can read all about the incident if you like, it's the first story on this blog. Even though the citation was dismissed at the request of Officer Dietz, I ended up filing a complaint against this guy with the City. We met again today in the Tijeras Arroyo Open Space while I was doing some volunteer maintenance work.

Today as I was walking down a trail on my way to do some work I noticed a cop vehicle - the type that supervisors use, parked on the other side of the arroyo. The cop vehicle changed locations several times and kept getting closer, finally choosing a vantage point (on posted private property) to view me. The vehicle continued to remain in the area and after about 40 minutes I walked towards it as I wanted a picture. Once I got within about a hundred feet the cop got out - it was Officer Mark Dietz, the dumb ass cop who illegally cited me for trespassing and whom I had filed a citizen complaint against with the Police Oversight Commission (CPC# 072-09) for violating my rights. He told me not to come closer. I told him all I wanted was a picture and asked him why he was harassing me. He repeated "don't come any closer" and "stay back" several times and did so in a calm controlled voice so he will always look like the "good" guy when someone reviews his belt tape recording. Of course cops can also use this procedure to bait someone. Anyway I took my picture (fortunately I have a built in telephoto so I was able to capture enough detail)and returned back to where I was working. Dietz too decided to leave, no doubt because he had been caught red handed "harassing" me. Actually I think the word "intimidation" is a better and a more correct term especially given there is an active complaint pending against him. In any case this dumb ass cop has a bone to pick with me so I'm not real comfortable since he has a badge & weapon and I don't. I do believe he would love to "put me down" if he had a chance. I think he was hoping I would go in the attack mode so he could "defend" himself. Sorry Dietz, I'm not falling for it.

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