Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Open Space Work Ends

I quit doing volunteer work in the Open Space in early September 2009. I had enough of the harassment. Besides the contacts noted on the blog, there were several contacts that weren't mentioned. For example, on one occasion two officers on mountain bikes showed up on Juan Tabo Road, stopped and yelled taunts at me. On another occasion my 2005 vehicle was tagged as an abandoned vehicle. Meaning, a large orange tag was placed on my driver side window saying if my vehicle was not moved within 72 hours, it would be towed. Considering my vehicle was properly parked, fully registered, insured, with no indications of being an abandoned vehicle, like damage, uneven color patterns, missing parts, etc., the tagging of my vehicle was obvious harassment.

I have not been back since and do not intend on doing so. For me, the Open Space project had become a drug. I loved doing it and I loved being outside. So going back there could possibly draw me in - again. No thank you. In any case, my 600 to 700 hours of work resulted in removal of tons of trash, removal of most tumbleweeds, goat head and Kochia plants (all non-native invasive plants), improved walking trails, and erosion control. And the personal satisfaction of giving back to the community. Also, I got to meet and know many people (and their dogs) in addition to learning the names of many of the plants growing in the area. Just wish I had been able to keep the rabid animals (APD) away.